Integrity, Partnership, Dedication, Accountability
Margaret Morris
Sunapee Region Buyers Advantage
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Margaret "Thinks"
in Buyer's terms:
"Get the lowest possible
price and best terms
for the Buyer!"

"The Advantage
of Partnering
with an EBA is that
they offer Buyers
100% loyalty
100% of the time"

The Advantages of Using an EBA

Historically, real estate agents represented sellers. Exclusive Buyer Agents, on the
other hand, represent only the Buyer. An EBA has no dual agenda. An EBA has only
your interest in mind and will specifically help you to:
locate and evaluate property
negotiate the best price and terms
evaluate loans and financing options
facilitate inspections, disclosures, contract compliance and the closing

What you can expect!

Margaret, as your Exclusive Buyers Agent will:

SHOW you all the homes in the MLS, For Sale By Owner properties, foreclosures,
even properties that are not on the market!

CALCULATE the fair market value of the home for you, and assist you in developing an offering price by using comparable sales data.

PROVIDE and interpret information on comparable homes that have sold in the area and help you formulate an offering price and negotiating strategy.

NEGOTIATE on your behalf through the entire home buying process offering advice and information every step of the way!

RECOMMEND title companies, inspectors, and other professional services
you will need!

DISCLOSE to you everything she finds out about the seller and their motivation
for selling!

KEEP any information about you confidential if it would weaken your negotiating

Margaret will be on your side and in your corner from
the first viewing to the final walk-through.

Working solely for you, I always represent your best interest.